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Soccer Camp

The Ultimate Experience for Soccer & Camp-Loving Kids

At ISTC, we’ve mashed up the best of two worlds: the skill training of a world-class soccer camp with the friendship-building fun of a traditional summer camp.

This week-long program, for 8-16 year olds, is jam packed with teaching your child new and improved skills each and every day. They’ll dive into 1-on-1, 2-on-2 and 6-on-6 practices, all the while mastering new skills and perfecting old ones. All the drills are presented in a kid-fun fashion, so while they are learning and being challenged, they are smiling and having a great time! To finish each day, campers will get the chance to perfect the skills they’ve learned in the competitive environment of scrimmages.

And, if that didn’t already sound like a ton of fun, your child will get to choose from an awesome list of additional activities like jet skiing, beach volleyball, archery as well as two of our camper favorites: the BLOB and the climbing tower! And everyone at our camp gets to enjoy campfires and s’mores, recreation activities like lip sync contests, and camp dances.

There are only 40 spots available for soccer camp. So don’t hesitate…we fill up fast!


Is the Soccer Camp Program just for soccer stars?

There’s no doubt that this program is designed for soccer lovers – after all, it’s 6 hours of soccer each and every day – but we welcome kids at all different skill levels.

What does a typical day at soccer camp look like?

During soccer camp, your child’s skills will be honed and their confidence built. Each day is laser-focused on one technique – like passing, dribbling, heading or shooting – so they can master the fundamentals of the game. They’ll also learn what it takes to be a great forward, midfield, defensive player or goalie. And, all of their new skills and abilities will be tested in a thrilling final day of games and tournaments.

In addition to soccer skills, we want our campers to learn great sportsmanship and teamwork, which is highlighted by the coaches throughout the week. At the end of the week, we provide them with a score card cataloging their breakthroughs, developments and areas for improvement to help them achieve their future goals. Those who excelled and pushed personal boundaries are celebrated in our awards ceremony.

Finally, in addition to their soccer camp training, they get to have even more fun enjoying their choice of recreational activities like basketball, archery and water sports (to name a few).

Who will my child be playing soccer with?

Our Soccer Camp is open to anyone aged 8-16, male or female, who has a love for soccer, regardless of their experience. Campers are coached by age and by skill level. So, your child will be well-matched to ensure they are both challenged and have the confidence needed to reach their full potential.

Who are the soccer camp coaches?

We think our coaches are, bar none, the best in the world! And that’s not just talk. We’ve selected the best and brightest from all over the globe: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand to coach our campers. Our coaches hold sport-specific qualifications, fitness degrees or are physical education teachers…in fact, some are even semi-pro soccer (or, as they would say, football) players in their native country.

In many ways, our coaches are the lifeblood of our camp. We hear, time and time again, that their passion for the game, encouragement and enthusiasm are totally contagious. Now that’s something to cheer about!

What does my child need to bring with them?

All campers need to bring their own soccer ball, cleats and shin guards. And we have a useful camp packing list to ensure you bring everything else your camper needs. Oh, and don’t forget that the most important thing they bring is a great attitude and a sense of adventure!

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